Contract Management

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  • Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A. has developed an efficient and effective approach to helping our clients drive the greatest value from their existing buy-side and sell-side contracts.

    Too many organizations view contract management as a “one and done” process focused on the physical execution of the documents. Our team understands that this is only the beginning. Once the contracts have been executed, they must be communicated to all key stakeholders, accessible to the appropriate staff members, leveraged to optimize both buy-side and sell-side relationships and tracked / reported to support management and financial reporting.

    Our team provides value added services around the entire contract management life cycle to include:

    • Authoring & Negotiation
    • Baseline Contract Management
    • Commitment Management
    • Communications Management
    • Compliance & Adoption Management
    • Document Management
    • Contract Benchmarking & Reporting

    There are many benefits of a strong contract management environment, however, the critical areas of focus are: Risk Mitigation, Cost Efficiencies, Liability Recognition and Sales Generation & Optimization.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Analyze your contracts to ensure that you fully understand your organization’s commitment to its clients, vendors and drive compliance.

  • Liability Recognition

    Analyze your contracts to ensure that you fully understand and can quantify future commitments to both your clients and suppliers.

  • Cost Efficiencies

    Analyze your contracts to ensure that you are paying the proper prices, receiving the proper discounts and receiving the proper service levels from your supplier / vendor base. Ensure that you are pricing your services properly, billing and collecting within guidelines, and are executing on all facets of the contract.

  • Sales Generation / Optimization

    Analyze your sell-side contracts to determine if there are untapped goods and services that should be offered to existing clients (we have seen many contracts that simply renew and do not provide access to new bundled products or services).

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