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  • Is your business protected from fraud? According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, companies of all sizes lose approximately 5% of their revenue to employee fraud each year. Smaller organizations are particularly susceptible to occupational fraud due to their lack of anti-fraud controls.

    Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A.’s Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention Services Team is led by a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and assists clients in preventing, detecting and prosecuting fraud. The team provides solutions both before and after fraud occurs in the workplace.

    Fraud Prevention

    A fraud prevention analysis investigates day-to-day transactions and tests internal controls to determine if business leaks and defalcations exist or could exist. These services include:

    • Assist management, CEOs and CFOs in building a strong foundation in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence
    • Perform an in-depth study of accounting systems and controls
    • Conduct a fraud risk assessment to identify the symptoms that make a company vulnerable to fraud
    • Train employees in fraud detection
    • Provide loss prevention and security related controls
    • Provide an operational audit that emphasizes fraud prevention
    • Recommend strategies to close lapses in controls and strengthen weaknesses

    Forensic Accounting

    Forensic accounting is the process of investigating allegations of fraud and assisting in litigation. Our team provides the following services:

    • Assist valuators in determining total compensation in a litigation engagement
    • Explain complex government compliance requirements
    • Introduce enhanced interviewing skills and techniques for hiring
    • Instruct on safeguarding systems from hackers and intruders
    • Assist management in gathering and preserving electronic evidence
    • Investigation of embezzlement schemes
    • Investigation of fraudulent financial statements
    • Assist attorneys with marital dissolution cases in determining a business owner’s cash flow
    • Assist attorneys with shareholder oppression cases to determine equitable distribution of capital
    • Assist insurance companies in determining assurance loss and or damage claims