Succession Planning

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  • The next five to 15 years will produce the largest single segment of retirees in the history of our country. Business owners must begin to think about an exit strategy and plan for retirement.

    A business valuation report provides substantive analytical information that will assist an owner in looking at the business logically and unemotionally. This process will enable an owner to decide whether to continue in business longer, transfer a whole or partial interest or sell the business. Regardless of the owner’s decision, the business valuation plays an integral part in the process and enables the business owner to provide for the future of family members. We can assist with facilitation dialogue and help answer the following questions.

    • What is the value of my business?
    • How will a valuation support a buy/sell agreement?
    • Is there enough value in the business to provide a secure retirement?
    • If not, what must be done to increase the value of the business?
    • Is there a future need for the product or service provided?
    • Is there a family member who is capable of being a successor CEO?
    • If no family member is capable, is there a key employee who can succeed?
    • Does the successor need additional guidance in order to assume the helm?
    • Should the business be sold to a competitor?
    • How can the business find a buyer?
    • How should a deal be structured?
    • What are the tax implications of various structures to sell the business?
    • Should part of the business be gifted to the next generation? Should the business be broken up into various parts and sold separately?