Ronald D. Rudich, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA

Senior DirectorBusiness Valuation & Litigation Support

For over 50 years, Ronald has provided expert guidance, due diligence and services to clients and their businesses. Ronald’s responsibilities include valuations of closely held and publicly traded companies, machinery and equipment appraisals, strategic business planning, budget and forecasting services, business consulting, business loss computations, depositions and court testimony.

Ronald’s primary area of expertise is in the valuation of closely held businesses, litigation support services, and machinery and equipment appraisals.  He performs the valuation services that include scrutiny and analysis of an opposing business valuation, preparation of deposition questions, gift and estate tax related issues, marital dissolutions, pricing of transactions and structuring analysis including mergers, acquisitions, dispositions of business property, going concern opinions, dissenting shareholder issues and business loss quantification analysis.

Ronald has prepared many business valuations and has testified in court cases and depositions involving valuation of closely held businesses.  He has been admitted as an expert witness in cases involving business valuations for estates and gifts, shareholder buy-outs, shareholder oppression, damages, lost wages, divorce proceedings and bankruptcies.