Baltimore-Based Company Addressing Today’s Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Published on: 10/26/2022 By: Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn

According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, the United States could see a staffing shortage of between 200,000 and 450,000 registered nurses by 2025. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic intensified healthcare workforce challenges, leading to significant staffing shortages that still exist today, according to HHS.

Coupled with the anticipated increased demand for healthcare services, along with an aging population, healthcare providers will likely be challenged in finding talent in the very near future.

However, one Baltimore-based organization aims to fully address the current healthcare staffing issue.

Dwyer Workforce Development offers a nonprofit healthcare training program that gives job seekers the tools to pursue life-changing careers in the healthcare sector. Participants in their program are called ‘Dwyer Scholars,’ and can acquire their Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) and Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) certifications at no cost.

Advancing this mission even further, Dwyer Workforce Development recently announced the $590 million acquisition of a Texas-based 50-skilled-nursing-facility portfolio managed by Regency Integrated Health Services.

The Regency Portfolio has approximately 4,400 employees and serves 4,600 residents, and it will transition from a for-profit to a not-for-profit organization under the deal.

Through the acquisition, Dwyer Workforce Development will further strengthen its comprehensive ecosystem of support tools for its Dwyer Scholars. These include financial support for housing, childcare, transportation and more – allowing program participants to focus on their education and secure training that will advance their healthcare careers.

After the training is completed, Dwyer Scholars are awarded full scholarships to achieve their Registered Nurse licensees or to pursue additional advanced training for other healthcare careers.

To learn more about Dwyer Workforce Development and how they’re addressing staffing shortages, please click here.