PODCAST | Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions

Published on: 11/22/2022 By: Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn

Amir Malek, Senior Manager, discusses the new finance and accounting outsourcing solutions for the firms clients and prospects

With a high-level of turnover in most industries these days, many companies and organizations may find it difficult to fill key internal accounting and finance roles. In addition, many companies may find that they just don’t have the resources to afford internal accounting staff.

As part of our expanded service offering, GSG is officially providing comprehensive finance and accounting outsourcing solutions, which spans everything from accounts payable to CFO-level services.

By outsourcing accounting and back-office business functions to us, GSG’s clients get the value-added benefit of the firm’s expertise, resources and partnerships – allowing them to focus on their core businesses.

Benefits of outsourcing with GSG include:

  • Access to timely and accurate financial information by expert accountants with experience in all different industries.
  • Multiple levels of review to improve accuracy and internal controls.
  • Implementation of best practice processes and procedures to eliminate any audit deficiencies/findings.
  • Development of an accounting system or platform to handle an organization’s growth and potential challenges.
  • Potential reduction of costs in other area of organization such as medical insurance, and more.

Unlike cookie-cutter outsourced solutions, GSG offers this highly customizable approach by offering a core assessment, then a designed plan, followed by the management of all day-to-day accounting activities.

Conversely, GSG offers fractional services, where we can manage the high-level CFO role as well as day-to-day tasks such as processing payroll.

GSG also offers a complementary “financial health check” for prospects, which involves our team spending time at your organization assessing all accounting processes and systems, as well as current business opportunities and challenges. From there, we deliver a report that highlights strengths and areas for financial improvement, and recommendations for a path forward.

Interested in taking advantage of GSG’s proven finance and accounting procedures, and information systems expertise designed to safeguard your business? Please contact us here to learn more.

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