PODCAST: Small Business Survival Lessons From First Wave of COVID-19

Published on: 07/22/2020 By: GSG

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, and as states begin considering options for another shut down, it seems as though we’re approaching the second wave. Although the impact of the pandemic’s first wave undoubtedly came as a shock, there were many business survival lessons learned during the months of March through June that can be used for today and the future.

In GSG’s latest podcast, Laura Shuman, Manager of Small Business Services, discusses:

  • Lessons learned from the unexpected first wave of the pandemic
  • Small business success stories
  • Examples of small businesses pivoting from normal product or service offerings to stay open
  • Tax challenges and opportunities for small businesses

Listen to our podcast to hear more about the lessons learned during the first wave of the pandemic and survival strategies small businesses can implement now to better prepare for the impact of the inevitable second wave.

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